/branding, packaging/

working with various brands and developing them; from curating a mood-board, creating a logo, packaging design, ideas to production, to online usage artwork: building its identity.


a low occasional table that illustrates geometrical dimensions through altering a graphical element

bringing the outdoor-indoor, a new product line for MortonSalt©


IKEA (<) less service + PUSSEL furniture line: creating an easier, and a much more joyful transition process for college students to pack and move. Whilst, creating a close loop cycle usage of their furniture.

/home accessory/

creating both shared and private experiences when dining

/table ware/
set of tableware bringing people closer to food, craft, and culture

internship at Filobula, a furniture studio in Bangkok, Thailand

an ice-cream brand aiming to raise awareness of our impact on the arctic ecosystem

/for SAR dogs/
a flat pack shelter that offers a comforting rest & recovery space for search and rescue dogs

/textile design/

a modern toile textile design of the undiscovered world

/sketches, illustration, re-branding, print-making/
3-4 weeks mini projects

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