/designing a set of home accesories for a scandinavian furniture brand Hay(, focusing on research, understanding the brand and empasis on the manufacturing process.
product design class project | 2018 - 14 weeks

/a communal dinnerware set the allow users to eat interact, and socialize with one another in various ways. The collection includes: coasters, platters, and saucers to be used in dining spaces for a large group and alternatives for smaller gatherings./

/about HAY

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/distinct but communal dining

Urban living with the idea of communal apartment spaces are much more common with small living spaces being shared. One of the most important aspect of co-living space is the aim to foster connections between the resident with rituals like social gathering and dinners. However, there is also a need for balance between privacy and sociability.

There’s an opportunity in creating dinnerware and accessories that can be use on the dining table, a coffee corner, or any communal areas for eating and relaxing. Whilst, will encourage residents to interact in different ways while having his/her sense of individuality.

/design keyword

for storage and dining space

multi-functional, customizable

Some areas are private, others are communal. Some are messy, others tidy. Structures are constanly shifting. And with guest coming and going, its inventory changes too.

— Martino di Napoli Rampolla (

looks and feel, easy to use and distinct

/dining with graphic

(taking a graphical approach to develope form and function | ideation)

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when in use / to make the user feel comfortable

If everything was prim and proper then people wouldn’t feel so comfortable and open up to share the stories from their lives — but because it’s quirky and full of warmth people come in and start having a real conversation.

— Martino di Napoli Rampolla (

showing comfort with material

maple wood is durable, whilst, provide warmth and comfort

/final design & dimension

/dine together with:

distinctive coster for groups and individual to enjoy a cup of coffee on your dining table. Available in different colors.

dimension  /5 x 5 x 0.25”/
material  /maple, mineral oil finish/

saucer with your cup of hot coffee and a freshly baked croissant. Use it in your own private corner or while having a little conversation with your guests and friends.

dimension  /8 x 8 x 0.75”/
material  /maple, mineral oil finish/

platter/tray that enhance the whole experience of dining together. From serving food and beverages with out worry. You will be able to have your own coaster with the platter to live up your chatting and eating experience.

dimension  /20 x 6 x 0.75”/
material  /maple, mineral oil finish/

/made from the CNC machining process: revealing natural wood grain uniquely to each wood piece

/prototype and refinements

/laser cut MDF to test actual scale and thickness

/platter and saucer legs elevation refinements

/sizing coster base with various cup sizes

/testing ergonomics and fuctions
/coster should fit into the saucer and tray, while providing a non-slip lock for the cups


/pieces are processed through CNC machine then trim with band-saw
/one wooden panel can produce various parts meaning less material (wooden pieces can be sustainabliy source)
/geometrical shape allow simple manufacturing process = lower cost to be mass produce

/more details

(This project has no direct affiliation with the brand)

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