pop-up store / brand design for Fjällräven

/a pop-up store to promote the brand: offering fjallraven wilderness starter kit, locating near the National Park’s Visitor Center.

visual communication class project | 2018 - 3 weeks
/quick research/ /concept development/ /branding/ /illustration/

/Fjällräven mission

“insipiring the world to walk with nature” / inspiring more people to spend time in nature

/Fjällräven products help you feel secure and at home in the outdoors, being with you on your most memorable journeys and adventures.

the pop-up shop offers fjallraven wilderness starter kit including first aid essential
and sample products from the brand (a better understanding of the brand)

/brand identity & package

/studying the brand

more to extracting colors and key component of the brand  →

/different ways to experience adventure



(refining design)

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