/furniture/ /manufacturing process/ /graphic design/
furniture design class project | 2019 - 14 weeks

/inspired by ‘found’ graphics, a low occasional table that illustrate geometrical dimensions through altering a graphical element. With asymmetrical frame to a rectangular top; geometric play on straight lines with vibrant color — resulted in the blue lapis buttom./


/an observant/

turning our attention to the seemingly mundane, such as the textures of the ground, or the interplay between light and shadow of objects. Lapis reinterpret daily observations into simple graphic images — “moving graphic design off the printed page: reforming two-dimensional ideas as playful, sculptural art objects” (




/1/4 scaled model

/sourcing & making

/looking at potential material sources and getting samples

/trying out ways to glue the pieces together, silicone seal sample wasn’t seamless so we went with UV glue

/laminated color glass and sapphire glass ready to turn into the Lapis table!

/these parts, material sources, and manufacturing process are all made locally in Pasadena and LA.

(Special thanks to Harry’s Glass Shop in Pasadena.)


/this is Lapis!

/final presentation

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