/Rebranding a music festival based in Thailand by bringing out the DIY, sustainable aspect of wonderfruit; as well as adding more character/personality to the festival.

visual communication class project | 2018 - 3 weeks

/quick research/ /concept development/ /branding/ /illustration/

/poster design for different music stages in different categories

/creating fruitmonster characters to present different aspects of the festival: adding a
more playful, friendly and personal connection of the festival toward the wonderers

/ticket pass for staffs, artists and presses as well as wrist-band pass for general admission

/merchandises including tote bag, t-shirts, fan, bandana and stickers to me sold as souvenirs

/coupons for wonderers to use to enter different events

/the activities and vibes in the festival: workshops, eating events, and talk shows

slide to see what the festival is looks and feels like  →

/wonderer crown carboard

cut-out cardboard sent to wonderers to create their own fruity crown for the festival

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